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This campaign will not accept any developer, fossil fuel or law enforcement union money.

Rachael Rose's Platform

Rachael Rose is not a single-issue candidate unlike others who have jumped into this race.  Her well-rounded knowledge and experience as an elected LA City Official has prepared her to hit the ground running on day one fighting for working class people in District 13 and throughout the city.


Here are a dozen of her top priorities.

Craft meaningful campaign finance reform to remove all financial influences by lobbyists, developers, and other corporate interests; campaigns to be funded with public funds with each candidate receiving equal amounts of money.


End the conflict of interest of Ethics Commissioners being Mayoral appointments by making them elected positions, this is the fox guarding the hen house; make their office autonomous with an oversight committee consisting of representatives from Neighborhood Councils; sufficiently fund the commission to allow them to fully carry out their mission.

Highest Ethical Standards

Create a strategic citywide infrastructure of non-lethal response teams coordinated under one department for 911 calls that don’t necessitate an armed police presence, to be paid for from LAPD budget. 


End Qualified Immunity for LAPD officers.  Officers who brutalize or kill unarmed citizens have to be held accountable.


End the conflict of interest of Police Chief being a Mayoral appointment by making it an elected position.


End the conflict of interest of Police Commissioners being Mayoral appointments by making them elected positions.


Allocate funding from LAPD budget for robust community services such as workforce training and education, youth empowerment programs, mental health and substance abuse facilities, community leadership advancement opportunities, and more.

Revolutionize Public Safety

My position has been and always will be that Trickle Down Housing is a flawed policy giving justification for allowing predatory developers to build housing units people making $25k per year cannot afford.  I will aggressively attempt to dismantle what I consider to be a culture within City Hall of giveaways to developers who only care about profits and not about supplying the housing we actually need.


The One For One Plan: Building Equity Through Housing ~ A mix of one low-income to one luxury/market rate unit is key to keeping up with current housing demands. This mix makes sure families making $25k per year can afford the housing they need. Current policy allows developers to build larger buildings, but does not meet this needed mix. With me in office, off menu giveaways to developers will come to an end in CD13.


Create a new city office within the Housing + Community Investment Department for consolidating all levels of government funding for low-income housing as a one-stop-shop for low-income housing developers.  This is aimed to make it as easy as possible for these developers to utilize these resources.


Preserve existing low-income housing through aggressive RSO & TOC/Density Bonus enforcement.

Create city owned social housing in CD13 by purchasing distressed properties and other real estate opportunities.


Incentivize a network of Community Land Trusts and tenant owned cooperatives.


Aggressively push for a Vacancy Tax high enough to be cost prohibitive for speculative developers and owners to leave units empty.  Currently, there are an estimated 93,000 vacant luxury/market rate units in Los Angeles.

Housing Is a Human Right

First and foremost, we have to face the fact that until there are enough low-income housing units for everyone who needs one, people will have no choice but to camp on the street.  This is why I am proposing the Be Of Hope Intentional Encampment (BOHIE pronounced “bowie”) program.  This program will identify city owned property within CD13 suitable for people to set up camp.  


The one thing the Echo Park Lake campers showed us is if given a stable location to live, they can organize into a sustainable community.  Was it perfect? Not from what I hear, but are we really going to let the perfect get in the way of the good?


Having no place to live is directly tied to the low-income housing crisis so see my plank on Housing Is A Human Right.  Bottom line, we can no longer afford to allow predatory developers to gentrify our neighborhoods and push people out onto the streets.


Sweeps: While I do recognize the need to keep our city streets clean and my office will endeavour to do so, the draconian methods currently being used to disrupt houseless people to achieve this goal can not be allowed to continue, at least not in CD13.  Short of full implementation of the BOHIE program, my office will work with LASAN to find creative ways to clean our streets with as little disruption to the campers as possible.  Special care will be given to making sure their important papers, medicines, and other necessities are not whisked away.


I will call for a full accounting of all government intervention programs, identify shortcomings, and do everything I can to push to rectify them.


Identify public properties within the district to create 


Bottom line: my office will be the office of kindness and compassion, where people are treated with dignity, not city sanctioned militarized terrorsim.


Private banks have fed off of our tax dollars for far too long giving us very little in return.  Community banks are to small to handle the city’s funds but there is an alternative to the use of Wall Street banks.


An LA Public Bank can provide safety of our funds and enlarge our asset base by investing in our communities and small businesses through loans and other banking vehicles.  This bank would be headed by a Board of Governors consisting of LA City residents.  It would not be answerable to politicians.  It would serve the needs of Angelenos, not Wall Street.


Too many times viable community program and small business ideas fall by the wayside because traditional banking institutions are either unwilling or unable to provide the capital needed.  A public bank would be able to supply the capital needed.


Right now, city funds under management by Wall Street are invested in the fossil fuel industry and other environmentally questionable investments.  This would end once a Public Bank is up and running.


I am a member of the group Public Bank LA bringing in my modest past experience in how banks work and what is possible when one controls a bank.  I will be working on the Finance and Policies committee to help with the next phase of solidifying a business plan for the operation.

Public Bank LA

One of the most important responsibilities of City Hall is Planning, Land Use & Zoning (PLU&Z).  PLU&Z decisions have an impact on every stakeholder.  The issues involved can get complicated and technical in nature.  I have the architectural background with four years of experience as the Chair of my NC’s Planning & Land Use Committee to make sense of it all.


Currently, the city is in the process of updating our 35 Community Plans.  These plans are visionary documents informing changes in our zoning codes that dictate what we can build and where.  As these plans are developed and then approved by City Council, it is imperative these plans protect existing neighborhoods from gentrification and that any zoning changes are equitably applied.


As a council member, my urban planning team will pay particular attention to community plans affecting CD13, provide community awareness and input opportunities, and they will actively work with the Planning Department to steer these plans in directions that support our core values.


Any updates to Community Plans need to identify potential sites for Permanent Social Housing.


I am firmly opposed to any laws being proposed in the CA State legislature that would remove our local control over PLU&Z.  SB 827 & 50 (Weiner) would have mandated a one-size-fits-all trickle down housing model. 


My position has been and always will be that Trickle Down Housing is a flawed policy giving justification for allowing predatory developers to build housing units people making $25k per year cannot afford.

Planning, Land Use, and Zoning

I say:

No to 3,000 new cops. 

No to expanded federal police presence.

No to increased law enforcement surveillance.

No to an excuse to criminalize the houseless. 

No to gentrification & displacement this will cause. 

No to disrupting our city for 2 short weeks of an event no one asked for.

If you look at the results from previous Olympics, cities who hosted the Olympics were left worse off afterwards than if they had not done it at all.

Having the Olympics here in 2028 is nothing more than Mayor Garcetti’s vanity. There was no Ballot Measure.  There was no community input I am aware of to ask if we even wanted this.

I will fight tooth and nail to stop what I see as one of the most destructive things to hit our city in decades (other than C19).

(Read More)

100% fossil fuel free by 2030.


Change building codes to require low amperage and low voltage electrical systems in all new & rehabbed homes and commercial spaces.  City program to incentivise owners of existing structures to upgrade to the same standards.


Support the city’s Green New Deal pLAn.


Identify potential locations for the creation of tree/vegetation rich parks within CD13 and identify funding sources to create them.


Robust planting initiative of new trees throughout CD13.


Install solar panels above city owned parking lots and on municipal building rooftops.  The electricity generated can either be used for the associated municipal building(s) or can be sold to the grid.


Replace all city owned vehicles with electric vehicles by 2035.


Increase EV charging stations throughout the district.

GND and 100% Renewable Energy by 2030

Our urban forest is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure we have for reducing the heat island effect & cleaning our air, and it is being decimated at an alarming rate. A few years ago we had a dismal coverage of 26% but today? We have a distressing 19% coverage. Our urban forrest needs to be protected, cultivated, and expanded beyond what is currently being proposed by City Hall.

With the help of environmental organizations and the city’s Urban Forestry Division, I will implement a Tree Watch Program for the 13th District to track/report illegal removals and I will push to dramatically increase the fees for those removals, and advocate for non-removal alternatives.

Create a CD13 Urban Forest Street Team to survey all of the streets in CD13 looking for places trees can be planted, and to work with the City’s Urban Forestry Division and residents to put trees in those places.

I will put forward motions looking to:

  • Provide additional funding for the Urban Forest Division for adequate staffing and for the purchase, planting and maintenance of new trees.
  • Require a minimum 45-day notice of all tree removals to give time for Neighborhood Councils and others to file appeals.
  • Expand the list of protected trees to include those that are more drought resistant than others and provide larger areas of shade.
  • Greatly increase penalties for illegal removals to make such activities cost prohibitive.

Preserving and Maintaining Our Urban Tree Canopy

Chicago and Denver voted in 2020 to move forward with building out their municipal broadband network with the goal of making internet access affordable to everyone.


There is no doubt in my mind we can do the same here in Los Angeles because if the pandemic showed us one thing, it is that far too many families do not have adequate internet access, which puts low-income children at a disadvantage to those who can readily access what amounts to all the knowledge of humankind.


Additionally, low-income folks without good internet access are unable to take advantage of telecommuting jobs, on-line courses and training, jobs boards, etc.


This is the 21st century and there is no good reason everyone shouldn't have the access they need to the information highway.

WiFi For All

The proposed LA River Master Plan is a roadmap for developer takeover of the 1-mile wide strip of land on either side of the river that provides views of the river and/or access to new river recreation spaces.  My top priority along the river is to ensure current residents are not displaced through gentrification from their communities thereby allowing them to take advantage of these new spaces.


Raise river community awareness as to the toxic substances in the water and the soil at parcels being converted to parks and open spaces.  My office will monitor this closely and issue bulletins when the public’s safety is at risk.  All new recreational spaces must be safe for our families to use.

Protect LA River Communities

Our office will proactively engage with constituents in identifying potential locations for community gardens within CD13, enlist community members as caretakers, and secure funding for land and/or materials as required.

We will identify a location and start-up funds for the creation of a Community Agricultural Center within CD13 as a pilot project for possible upscaling throughout the city.

This Center is imagined to be self-sustaining after initial investment by producing organic food products for wholesale and retail sales thus creating green new jobs, and to include agricultural learning programs for youth and adults.

Community Gardens and Commercial Urban Agriculture

Invest In Your Future

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This campaign will not accept any developer, fossil fuel or law enforcement union money.

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