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"The promise our city holds for us can be realized through a progressive lens of compassion, honesty, and resourcefulness. And above all else, kindness.

We are never alone when we work together, and in doing so, we create a sustainable vibrant future for ourselves and for the generations that will follow."

~ Rachael Rose Luckey


To see ALL Angelenos living free with dignity and the opportunity to prosper by removing institutional and societal barriers.

For Rachael Rose it's not about the money, it's about serving the people’s needs.


“Statistically, every decision I make will affect a transgender person and there is no amount of money that will make me harm my community. That’s why our campaign will not take any corporate, developer, fossil fuel or law enforcement union money.”

I Can’t Be Bought

The scope of experience Rachael Rose brings is unrivaled by the other challengers looking to unseat the incumbent.


She has spent the last few years immersed in myriad of issues facing CD13 and our city. From Planning & Land Use to the LA River to Low-Income Housing & Houselessness to Healthcare to Public Safety and beyond.


“I have invested thousands of hours listening to and engaging with Citizens, Community Leaders, Advocates and Experts. They’ve demonstrated the passion needed to move this city forward. I remain humbled and inspired by them.”

Experience Is Key

“One of the best ways I know to be transparent and accountable to you is to come before you in-person. This is why I have pledged to hold Community Town Halls at least every other month while in office. Good, bad, or ugly, we will engage in conversations that need to be had on issues you are most affected by. We’ll go from the late afternoon to the wee morning hours if need be.” As council member, and unlike the incumbent, Rachael Rose pledges to regularly attend Neighborhood Council meetings within CD 13. In the meantime, Rachael Rose invites you to join her as she hosts Town Halls every 3rd Saturday of every month at 4pm on Zoom tinyurl.com/RR4LATownHall, which will shift to “in-person” when health and safety guidelines permit.


"Unheard of...right? Well, you are hearing it from me!"


A City Council Member makes almost $200k per year in salary.


Rachael Rose pledges that after taxes she will put 25% back into the community, put 25% into her reelection, and keep only 50%.

        Reduce My Own Pay

I Say Enough Is Enough!

Over recent years, we’ve witnessed our neighbors being forced out onto the streets. We’ve seen LA City Council Members arrested, indicted and sentenced; we’ve endured predatory developers building luxury units we don’t need while ineffective policies fail to produce the housing we do need; and we’ve agonized over the systemic failure to keep Black and Hispanic communities safe against the very people who are supposed to protect them.


But we do not despair. We fight. We organize.


A bright future for our city is possible when we hold close the values of Housing Is A Human Right, Police Being Held Accountable, High Ethical Standards in Government, and Investments in Our Neighborhoods Being Prioritized over Funding a Civilian Military-style Police Force.


Our communities are made more secure when we treat each other with dignity, understanding and compassion.


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This campaign does not take any corporate, developer, fossil fuel or law enforcement union money.

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