We must ensure ALL Americans can live free with

dignity and the opportunity to prosper by

removing institutional and societal barriers.

A bright future is possible when we hold close the values of Housing Is A Human Right, Police Being Held Accountable, High Ethical Standards in Government, Racial & Environmental Justice, and Investments in Our Neighborhoods Being Prioritized. Our communities are made more secure when we treat each other with dignity, understanding, respect and compassion.


Through its Platform, Endorsements, and Fundraising, the California Democratic Party holds a great deal of sway over how our state and local governments respond to our needs as stakeholders and it is therefore very important to have knowledgable voices representing you when it comes time for the party to make decisions that can directly impact you.

Every 2 years representatives are elected by registered Democrats within each state assembly district to represent you at the convention, in committee meetings, and on the Executive Board. There a total of 14 seats per assembly district with 7 being candidates that self identify as female and 7 who are other than self identified females.


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So you may be asking yourself, what kind of experience does Rachael Rose have that would make her a great fit to represent me?


I’ve been witness to our neighbors being forced out onto the streets. I’ve felt the outrage as local elected leaders are arrested, indicted and sentenced. I’ve stood up to predatory developers building luxury units we don’t need and used my voice to push back against ineffective government policies that fail to produce the housing we do need. First and foremost, I have a deep seated passion for change. 


Over the past several years I have involved myself in community organizing in multiple ways.


I first cut my teeth as the first openly transgender officer of the Stonewall Democratic Club and I currently serve as their parliamentarian. Through my involvement with SDC, and seeing a lack of transgender people in public office, I decided to lead by example and run for office.


Shortly after making that decision I enrolled in the Emerge California program for political training for Democratic women and I am proud to say I am an alumna of the Class of 2017.


The first office I ran for was for my Los Angeles certified Neighborhood Council where I served for 4 years with 2 years as the President. During my time on the board I served as the chair of the Planning & Land Use Committee as well as sitting on a number of the other committees. I was also a Homelessness Liaison and last year served as vice chair of the Congress of Neighborhoods Planning Committee, which is a gathering of all of the NCs every year.

Although I did not get very far, my run for LA City Council last year was greatly informative and I have emerged from the experience with a much better understanding of the intricacies involved in running for public office.


I am currently serving on the Lafayette A Bridge Home Advisory Council for the facility at Wilshire and Hoover. We do oversight for the facility as well as plan events such as movie nights and most recently a Resource Fair for the Unhoused.


As vice chair of a LA Care Health Plan Advisory Committee, I have had in-depth instruction and experience around our healthcare system. I also served on their Equity Council for a term-limited period of two years. 


One of the greatest hopes I have springs from my involvement as a member of the Public Bank LA organizing team. Having democratic control over our public funds is critical to having those funds fully work for us. We must stop putting our money in private banks that charge us billions every year in fees and invest portions of our money in the fossil fuel and gun industries. We must make sure our money is being used in ways that align with our values.


If given the honor and opportunity to serve you as a representative to the California Democratic Party, I will use every scrap of know-how I have obtained, every ounce of passion I contain, to focus on the priorities that will endure well into the future.


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Questions? RachaelRose4LA@gmail.com or 323.985.8838