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This campaign will not accept any developer/real estate, fossil fuel, union, or corporate money. 100% Grassroots!

The Status Quo Has Got To Go!

Over recent years, we’ve witnessed our neighbors being forced out onto the streets. We’ve seen LA City Council Members arrested, indicted and sentenced. We’ve endured predatory developers building luxury units we don’t need while ineffective city policies fail to produce the housing we do need. We’ve agonized over the systemic failure to keep Black and Hispanic communities safe against the very people who are supposed to protect them.


Conversely, a bright future for our city is possible when we hold close the values of Housing Is A Human Right, Police Being Held Accountable, High Ethical Standards in Government, Racial & Environmental Justice, and Investments in Our Neighborhoods Being Prioritized over Funding a Civilian Military-style Police Force. Our communities are made more secure when we treat each other with dignity, understanding, respect and compassion.


As the first transgender person to run for LA City Council, I understand all too well what it means to not see myself represented at the table. It is time for LA to show what it means to truly be diverse. But that is not the only reason to support this campaign. Read on! 



My campaign’s vision is to see ALL Angelenos living free with dignity and the opportunity to prosper by removing institutional and societal barriers.


(My Keynote Speech To The Congress Of Neighborhoods)


To prepare to be your next city council member, I invested literally thousands of hours listening to and engaging with Stakeholders, Community Leaders, Advocates and Experts. They’ve demonstrated the passion needed to move this city forward, and I remain humbled and inspired by them. Collectively, these experiences have given me a well-rounded knowledge of not only the problems we face, but more importantly, the real world policy solutions needed. I will be ready to hit the ground running on day one!


My years of community service include: 

    • President of the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council and Chair of its Planning & Land Use Committee
    • LA Care Health Plan (active)
      • Consumer Health Equity Council
      • Vice Chair of a Regional Community Advisory Committee
    • Member of the Lafayette A Bridge Home Advisory Council (active)
    • Organizing Member of the Public Bank LA Team (active)
    • Steering Committee Member of the Alliance of River Communities (active)
    • NC Sustainability Alliance’s Tree Committee (active)
    • Vice Chair Congress of Neighborhoods Planning Committee (active)
    • Organizer with the CalCare (AB1400) Resolutions Team (active)
    • Member of the Board of Trusties at the Church In Ocean Park (active)
    • Officer of the Stonewall Democratic Club


If given the honor and opportunity to serve as your next City Council Member for the 13th district, I will use the know-how I have obtained to focus on the following top priorities:

    • Housing & Homelessness
    • Removing Corruption in LA City Hall
    • Climate Change
    • Build a Resilient Small Business Community
    • Accountability in Law Enforcement


This campaign is about making sure neighborhoods are kept together where everyone has what they need to not just survive, but to thrive. There is no good reason why we can’t build a city that works for everyone! What is holding us back is the status quo. Bold goals are achievable when we combat the forces of greed, oppression, and short-sightedness.


Campaign Promises:

I will reduce my own pay!

Unheard of…right? Well, you are hearing it from me! A City Council Member makes around $200k per year in salary. I pledge that after taxes I will put 25% back into the community, put 25% into my reelection, and keep only the other half. Why? Because for me, it’s not about the money. I feel this is a really good way of proving it.


Community Meetings
One of the best ways I know to be transparent and accountable to you is to come before you in-person. This is why I pledge to hold Community Town Halls at least every other month while in office. Good, bad, or ugly, I will engage in conversations that need to be had on issues we are most affected by. I am not going to be able to please all of the people all of the time, but what I can do is stand before you and explain myself.


Neighborhood Councils

In my mind, NCs are one of the very best ways to be involved in what happens in our neighborhoods. Are they perfect and work exactly like we would hope they would? Not necessarily. But no one ever said that democracy and civic engagement wasn’t messy. I do however feel it is crucial to have space were those who wish to can have a voice at City Hall. I pledge to be the strongest advocate in history on City Council for the preservation and strengthening of our Neighborhood Council System as independent deliberative bodies. As a council member, and unlike the incumbent, I pledge to attend every Neighborhood Council’s board meetings within CD 13 at least once a quarter.


I Can’t Be Bought

I pledge my campaign will not take any developer, fossil fuel, PAC, or law enforcement union money, nor will I take offers of money in attempts to influence me once in office. I will not waiver in my values that includes getting money out of politics. I was absolutely astounded the day I learned that developers had given millions to the incumbent’s “city slush fund”, contributions that the LA City Council must vote on to approve making them all complicit. Yes, you read that right. Legal “bribery” exists in LA City Hall. On day one in office, I will put forward a motion to end this practice!


Sign up on our email list, make a donation, or volunteer to help out if, like me, you say “The Status Quo Has Got To Go!”

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This campaign will not accept any developer/real estate, fossil fuel, union, or corporate money. 100% grassroots!

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